Vita M.

Vita M. is an educated woman who recently joined the Sioux Falls community. She has an impressive resume to offer at job interviews but while searching for a permanent position, she must rely on day labor wages to pay for shelter, food and transportation. She is seeking employment pertaining to contracting entrepreneurial options or economic development opportunities. Despite the difficulty of locating a job without a network of friends or family, Vita’s goal is to become a productive and gainfully employed woman within the Sioux Falls community.

Vita M.
Miguel P.

Miguel P’s search for employment in the Sioux Falls community has been difficult due to limited English and a physical limitation for heavy lifting. He has relied on day labor jobs for wages and hopes to secure employment that will assure a steady paycheck. Miguel strives to increase his English language skills and will continue to utilize day labor resources until he finds permanent work.

Miguel P.

Results of a recent survey of 45 people:

Do you take a lunch on the days they are offered?
• Of the 45 who answered, only 3 do not take them and 2 buy their own. One answered, “If I can afford it, I don’t take it and let someone else have one.”
If you weren't provided a lunch, what would you do for lunch today?
• 21 would not eat, 10 would bring own lunch, one eats every other day, 2 eat food from the vending machine, one eats a candy bar and one brings a potato and “zaps” it in the microwave.
Do you notice any difference in your energy level at work when you have a lunch?
• 41 noticed a difference, 2 did not and one wasn't sure.


  • "I don’t fall asleep on the line"
  • "Much better concentration"
  • "I notice a different in energy"
  • "Not so tired"
  • "Look forward to it all morning"
  • "Perks up my whole day"
  • "Don’t have my own ever, so I notice a difference."